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Sample User Security
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Last modified on 7/23/2013 10:40 AM by User.


Sample User Security

For a user to use samples they first must have the proper security rights to the samples section.
This is found in the user's entry of OASIS, under the Configuration application.

The user's security controls access (if any) to samples.|

If the user has no access to samples, the icon for samples is not shown. The following access is defined:

  1. Create - able receive (create) a sample.
  2. Read - view the list of samples (catalogs)
  3. Update - allowed to checkout a sample.
  4. Delete - delete existing samples (catalogs)
  5. View All - view samples in other workgroups.
  6. Reports - run the sample reports
  7. Admin - able to edit (modify) a sample after it is created.