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Home Screen

When you first log onto OASIS, you'll see your home screen. This will tell you who you're logged on as, what territory you're in, the date, and the time. It will also display reminders, messages, and your agenda. To change the display settings, go up to File > Preferences.

Reminders, E-Mail PreferencesUser Preferences, Changing the Appearance of OASIS (Fonts, Style & Size)

Welcome screen (button)

This is the first screen users see in OASIS. As you begin to use OASIS, items will appear on the Welcome screen such as:

  • Reminders containing messages and "To do" items. 
  • Samples, notifications and return information if the user has checked out samples in OASIS
  • Events and New Messages may appear
  • Change orders and nontransmitted orders.  i.e. orders that have NOT been sent/transmitted to the factory (as far as OASIS is concerned).
  • Disputed invoices-  If a user is being asked to review a disputed invoice for someone in accounting, a link to the order, one to the invoice and a message will appear on the screen. 

Bid Board (button)

The bid board will display all upcoming bid dates. Choose to see the bid board for a different workgroup by clicking on the link (requires that user have permission to see all transactions)


Recent Items (button)

This will display the last 5 (configurable amount) jobs, orders, etc that you were working in. You can change these settings by File > Preferences. 


Events (button)

Any scheduled Event for this user will be displayed. For more on Events, see the section on Calendars.


Problem POs (button)

This screen displays the purchase orders that have been flagged with issues that need resolving.  Clicking on each PO link in the list will open the PO in a new window for follow-up or resolution.  For more information see the Tracking Problem Orders section.



Followed Jobs (button)

This tab displays all projects that are being followed by the current user, along with the associated customer and task information for those projects.    For more information and detailed instructions on using this feature, see Followups Tab section.


Weekly Totals (button)

If this user has access (Security rights), weekly order totals can be displayed. The totals run Sunday - Saturday each week and can be shown in many different views. Go to the File > Preferences area to set columns and rows to be shown.

The Search area at the bottom of the screen maybe used to access any Project/Quote name, PO, Manufacturer, Customer or Contact by typing in part or all the name or number and clicking Find. Search by quote number by adding #and the quote number.  For example, to find quote TRTY12-1234, type #1234 into the Job field. The spec sheet Search area to the bottom right allows a user to display any sheet provided it is stored in OASIS. Enter the Manufacturer, enter the part/catalog number, and click Find.


Tool Bar
Reports - MOSR - My Order Summary Reporting

The “My Order Summary Report” was designed initially as a “quick” view of orders entered, still is. With just 2-3 clicks and user can see a summary view of orders entered by manufacturers in a month view format. The report can then be filtered quickly by many options and views. Again with speed and simplicity in mind try the My Order Summary Report. Click My Order Summary Reporting (MOSR) for more

MFG / Cat# - Viewing Spec Sheets - instantly - Click here for more