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Last modified on 6/23/2009 5:01 PM by User.


I'm seeing my internal notes on the order print!


I see my internal notes in the send message screen and print preview of the order.  I don't want  my customer and/or manufacturer to see these!


Internal notes showing on an OASIS draft or non transmitted print is actually by design.  The reason behind this is that many users enter notes that are relating to a line or company--such as "watch out on this part" or "don't forget to add voltage."  By having the internal note in the print preview, it gives another way for OASIS to notify the user about the information contained in the note before it goes to a "live print".  You can rest assured that the internal notes will NOT show on the live print. 

However, if you need to check and see that the information is not printing, you can create a test order and send it to yourself and see how it is presented to the company that you are sending it to.


This example simulates the print of an order through send message and e-mailed to the factory.

One internal note converted over from my quote and the other was added to the line on the order.

When using "Send Message", the internal notes will show (as you can see here).

Below shows an example of what was e-mailed out of OASIS.  Notice that there is no indication that there are internal notes associated with this order.