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User Workgroup Access
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User Workgroup Access


OASIS provides features allowing users to be divided into workgroups. For most OASIS users, this concept has little use. However, large companies or companies with different business models may need to create different workgroups representing users in different offices or different business models.

Using workgroups in OASIS does not enable "hard walls" between users of different workgroups. Therefore, if users of competing business models are to use OASIS, we recommend using different OASIS databases - one per competing business model. However, the workgroup in OASIS does allow multiple cooperating offices or business unites to work together. Some data is visible, but (given access) some information is not available. In short, users will be able to view activity in the other workgroups, but may or may not be able to view or update the full transaction.

Types of Access

By default, users are able to "view all" quotes and orders in OASIS and when a quote or order is created by a user, the transaction is included in their default workgroup.

Beyond the defaults, there are two settings - both available from the user editor

Workgroup security: read, update, create, view all
Workgroup access: by workgroup

Workgroup Security

Go to Configuration>Users>User's name> Security

The workgroup security settings allows users to read (required by almost all users), update, create, delete, view-all and admin rights (currently no reports exist using the workgroup security):

  • Create - user is able to create a workgroup
  • Read - user is able to read a workgroup (almost all users must be able to read their own workgroup).
  • Update - user is able to alter a workgroup
  • Delete - user is able to delete an existing workgroup.
  • View All - user is able to view all workgroups in reports and listings.
  • Reports - not used.
  • Admin - not used.

This user has full access and is able to view and manage workgroups as needed.

Workgroup Access

The workgroup access feature was added to:

  1. Provide individual users full access to specific workgroups - including view access when they don't have full "view all" access.
  2. Show a workgroup selection window when the user creates a new quote or order

The business problem being solved is typically described as users operating from multiple offices for quotes. However, a centralized project management / customer service team where the OASIS user at the central office is managing orders for multiple workgroups (different offices).

Consider this user:

The user has access to both workgroups, allowing the user to:

  1. View all transactions (e.g. quotes and orders) in both workgroups
  2. A popup window will appear when the user creates a quote or order, allowing the user to select which workgroup the transaction is to belong to:

Another option is to keep the workgroup access tab for the user clear (no checks) and give the user view all access for each application of OASIS (e.g. orders and quotes). This would allow the user to view any transaction, but the transactions the user creates would default to the user's assigned workgroup which is recorded on the general tab of the user editor:


In OASIS, the older term "Territory" may be used (e.g. CreateTerritoryID) is the same as "Workgroup". This was only a name change in the past and most of the system now shows "Workgroup".