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Reconciling Payments for Litho…
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Last modified on 8/24/2009 8:00 AM by User.


Reconciling Payments for Lithonia

Status: Testing, request for feedback

With the Agile rollout, the CD match rate has not been as high as in the past. We are working to see what needs to happen to improve over time. However, the CD was not originally designed for reconciling with an external data system like OASIS. Over time, the CD will likely be replaced by Lithonia.

Currently, Lithonia sends out a CD containing the invoices paid during a timeframe. OASIS is able to directly read this CD, reconciling invoices in OASIS. A report is created showing the invoices that were “not found” and the invoices that were applied to the payment in OASIS.

Begin by creating the Lithonia payment (if you have a “parent” Lithonia entry, select that entry in OASIS). Also set the invoice starting and ending dates for the invoices paid by the current commission check:

Next, select from the Lithonia menu item “Load Invoices for Payment”:

Select the path name to the access database on the CD (the file will have a name A###commissions.mdb where the ### is the agency number). Press “Ok”. The process may take a while as each invoice is read from the CD and then a matching entry is located in OASIS (the invoices must already exist in OASIS by either manual entry or by loading data from ARET).

When complete, a report is created in PDF format:

Not found items will need to be added to the OASIS database. Once added, the invoices added to OASIS may be manually added to the payment or the automated reconciliation process may be repeated (above).