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Lot & Unit Pricing on the Same Quote

Quotes take on several looks from time to time and items need to be Unit Priced or Lot pricing is necessary. Sometimes it is necessary to both Unit & Lot price on the same quote. OASIS allows for this by using the "Option" function in the Code column. The example below will show how to do it and what the print may look like.

Overage lines can not be printed on customer copies of a quote, which in turn means that the unit and extended prices can not printed when overage lines are used. This information is something you don't want on your customer's quote copy, because they could easily figure out the amount of the overage you are adding.

To print Unit or Extended prices, you will need to use the OBase column to apply overage to each fixture on a bill of material.

OBase – price at which the manufacturer starts paying overage

OBase Commission – commission paid at the OBase price.

In the Job (Bid):
For the group of items being Lot priced

  • Add a Lot line using the "Lot" function in the Code column
  • On the next line add a Subtotal line - as shown below
  • There is no individual price entered.

For the group of items being Unit priced (on the same quote)

  • Add a line just above the items being Unit priced
  • Use the "Option" in the Code column
  • In the Part column enter text as needed, if any

Then proceed as normal with printing, faxing or emailing. The printed quote should look similar to the example below.