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Text Clips
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Text Clips


Text clips allow a user to save named clip board items. These items show as a list in the right-click popup menu.

Menu Items

Edit Clips - When activeated, this menu shows the edit clips dialog. In the dialog, clip items may be created altered and removed:

To create a new item:

  1. Key a short name in the text area at the top
  2. Key the data to paste in the area to the left
  3. Press "user" to make the item for the current user only- if uncheckecked, the item will show for all users
  4. DON'T FORGET - Press the add button to insert the new text item into the menu
To remove an item
  1. Highlight the item to remove
  2. Press the remove item button
NOTE: changes will not appear until the screen is closed and then reopened.

Paste Clip - each item under this menu represents a saved clipboard item. Selecting the item will cause the text to be pasted to the selected text field.

Order Editor Example

Currently, clipboard items are only supported in the bill of material of the editor screens. simply right-click on a field to display the popup menu:

Selecting an item from the Paste Clip menu shows the stored text: