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REP "Lines" and "Columns"
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REP "Lines" and "Columns"



The goal is to provide distributors with the ability to view product coverage on a project bill of material. The natural method to make this happen is to add a column to the quote to show a note (for an ‘X’, a note about the coverage), or a dollar amount.

The first design showing a rep “column” in OASIS wasn’t accepted well. This is likely due to the concurrent need for a lot line in some markets – especially at the early stages of the quotation process. The new method should allow early estimating (assuming pricing information is available) and allow for information to be captured as the reps return quotes.

Setting up the quote

This will likely vary based on the user’s preferences. However, the screen below shows a basic four type (line) quote without lamps. We have added the quantities and type codes along with a line for each rep we have requested a quote from.

Estimating (optional)

This step allows the user to use price history to estimate the value that might be quoted by the rep. Since this is price history, the formal quote will not print any of these values. However, if a price were to be given at this time, any of the standard OASIS lot pricing methods will work just fine. Notice that there is one item used by each rep that is not available by the other rep (a.k.a. “spec lock” items).


Assuming the quote will favor a single rep (possibly by pulling one of the items from stock or other source), the cost column may be tagged to show we will purchase the material from the corresponding rep. Note that we are quoting $14,429.50. $10,000 in material will be purchased from Rep-A and $2,275.00 of material will be purchased from “MISC”.

Order conversion Time

For order conversions, we recommend creating a new bid like (a “BUY” bid), then entering the items “broken out” as specified by the rep. If units are provided, the pricing history will immediately be updated (a side benefit). The primary benefit is that OASIS will split out the orders and (if available) will upload to another data system.

The other benefit of creating a BUY bid is the existing OASIS change order system.