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Changing List Views
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Changing List Views


In OASIS V2.7, it is possible to create a favorite list view in many of the applications. This allows a user to save their own version of the bid board, or monitor important orders based on a user defined search key (only works through using the find feature).


Begin by selecting the OASIS application to work with. For this example, we start by selecting "Projects":

Perform a standard search to identify the transactions (projects in this case) you are interested in. Please note that the find feature must be used (click on the "Find" link on the task bar or the "Find" menu item in the "File" menu):

In this example, we select all projects with a rank of "Huge Opportunity". Many any selection you like. Then configure the preferences as you require. To save the view, click on the "Save View" menu item under the "View" menu:

In the window that appears, type the name of the view (currently limited to 10 or fewer characters):


Press "Ok". Currently, the "Get View" menu will not populate with the new view. Select the "Home" application then return to projects. Select "View" then "Get View". Note the name of the view now appears:

Once selected, the "find" results are shown with the column preferences that were showing when the view was saved!


How it Works

The "Save View" menu recalls the last time the find feature was used and the current preferences showing. These settings are saved under the name provided by the dialog.

The "Get View" menu is populated with all the saved views. Selecting one of the views will cause OASIS to re-run the saved "find". Any results are presented with the stored column preferences.

The "Remove View" menu allows a user to remove a saved view.

All stored views are for the current user and the views are not usable by others (The views are saved as a user preferences and copying user preferences will copy the views to other users).