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Last modified on 6/14/2018 1:19 PM by User.

Steps of a Server install for 2.6 to 2.7 upgrade


This help sheet was designed for an Upgrade to 2.7 Install of OASIS on the Server. 

This document assumes the following is already set in place:

  • 2.6 currently installed at the office
  • Database is up and running
  • Support & maintence status is current
  • License File was sent to user that is doing the Update

Save the license file (.lic) to the Desktop of the server or where you can find easily because it will be needed later.

Here is how to install:

First you will need the installation file.
Go to this link to download the installation file:

****Please Note:  The file name May or May not be the same as what is shown for the install file.  (the W###$# may change)****

Information for downloading the install file

Once at the installation website, select your operating system and click on the link for the server download or appropriate client link.

The “File Download” window will appear. Click on Save and save it to your Desktop. 

Make sure you save it to your desktop or where it can be found easily. Hit Save.

The file may take a minute or so to download.

Once the Download is Complete, close the window

The file will now show on the desktop. Click on the file to install.

Installing the 2.7 OASIS program on the server

Double-click on the icon.
In the window, “Click Run”.

The “InstallAnywhere” wizard will begin installing OASIS (may take a few seconds)

The “OASIS V2.7” window appears, after reading the Introduction hit Next.

In the next window you have the opportunity to choose the folder to install. Click on Next to take the default folder.  

If necessary you can change the folder location.  You must install the 2.7 version in a folder that is separate from older versions of OASIS.

Also note that make changes that vary from default may cause longer support calls due to the support personnel attempting to find the location of standard files and folders.

In the next window, it will give you the option of installing OASIS on various types of machines.

For the Server installation we will use “Everything”.

Below is an explanation of the other options (if needed):

  • Workstation – use this option to install OASIS on a client machine
  • Server – if you are installing the database on a server.
  • Custom – installation peculiar to the machine – call OASIS support.
  • Standalone – can be used for demo, single laptop installations, call us before choosing this option.
  • Everything – this installation may be used in special cases such as Servers and the demo version

Click the icon for “Everything”.

Click on Next
This window allows you to select where the icon(s) are to be installed.
Leave the default selection as “In a new Program Group”

Click on Next.
OASIS will begin installing (May take a few seconds)
A window will appear, select Install.

Once the install is complete, the window will indicate you have installed OASIS successfully.

REPLACING THE DATABASE DRIVER  (*****!!!Do not skip this step!!!*****)

If at any time you get an error message or something that doesn't match the described sequence below, please Contact OASIS Support


Open the ASA Configuration Window

If you do not know/remember where the OASIS database is you can find it by scrolling to the bottom of the OASIS entry (see the circled information).
You may want to copy this information to a word document for later.

Click on the Stop button.

Once you have this message click on Ok.

Then Click on the remove button, and click Ok on the next popup window.

To refresh the screen exit out of the ASA Configuration Screen, and go back into it (see previous screen shot on where it is located)

When the window is opened again it will be blank.
Click on the File menu and select "New Service"

In the window that pops up you want to have the settings entered like what is shown on the screen below.
If your database is in a different location than what is entered in for the Database file then you will want to type/copy in the information for the database location.  (the information is case sensitive, please double check spelling and cases)

********WARNING!!! POSSIBLE DATA LOSS!!!!********

The following two screens should popup (may take a few moments inbetween for them to show as the information is processed)
If the screens look different or contain an error Contact OASIS Support immediately

Now, click on the Start button to start the OASIS database

This window will popup and confirm for you that the database is running now and ready for you to continue to the next step.

To Openning OASIS 2.7 for the first time

(Must be done before ANY user can log into OASIS)


Updating the Database

Go to Start > All Programs > OASIS27 > OASIS or if you have created a shortcut icon, double-click on the OASIS icon on your desktop.


A Database upgrade window will appear.

Everyone using OASIS will need to exit and close OASIS at this time.

*****Double check that EVERYONE is out of the database at this time******
Once confirmed that everyone is out of OASIS, then click on yes

A Caution window will appear for a few moments.

You should see the OASIS Login screen similar to the one below.

Have the user type in their user name and password into the User text box and click on OK.



Installing the 2.7 License Keys



Since this is an initial install of OASIS 2.7, the License Viewer window will appear requesting license keys for the new version.
Click the “Add” bottom at the bottom of the screen to search for the license file you saved. 

Find the license (that was sent along with your demo) file, highlight it and click “Open”

  • The file will end with the extension “.lic”

The Message for the demo install will indicate “A total of 8 licenses were updated or added”

**Right now it always says 8 regardless of the actual license #; Have the user check what the value of "Rotating User" is and that is the # of licenses that they have.

Click on OK.

Click on Close.
OASIS will then suggest that you restart for these changes to be made.

Click on OK
OASIS will began downloading the latest available release.

NOTEAdministrative users can control which updates a user receives.
As OASIS begins to re-start, it will automatically search for the latest release of OASIS.
A Question window will appear asking if you want to update to this release

Click Yes.
The release has been downloaded and will update the next time you login to OASIS.

Click on OK.
OASIS will start with the latest release

You should get the Login Screen. Enter User name and password in the login screen.

Click on OK.

You have successfully installed OASIS Version 2.7

 You should then see the OASIS Home Screen – please refer to other introductory documents for help getting started with OASIS

Thank you and welcome to the new version of OASIS 2.7!