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Why is the paid column always …
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Last modified on 4/22/2014 3:41 PM by User.


Why is the paid column always zero?


The paid column in the order listing and invoice listing (screen or report) is always $0.

The problem is a change in terminology from previous versions of OASIS to V2.7. Namely, the term "paid" once meant whatever was monies received from the customer or vendor. To clear up confusion, OASIS has adopted the following terms:

  • Paid - amount the OASIS user has paid a vendor for the cost of goods (namely for resell).
  • Payable - amount remaining for the OASIS user to pay a vendor for the costs of goods
  • Received - amount the OASIS user has received from customers or manufacturers (namely for commission)
  • Receivable - amount the OASIS user should expect to receive from a customer or manufacturers


Note the terms above and use the OASIS preferences to adjust the columns displayed.


Here is an example of a series of invoices. Nothing has been paid or received on the invoices yet: