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POs with NO Invoices applied
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POs with NO Invoices applied


There are several ways to track orders in OASIS. You may want to see all orders that have not had any invoices applied yet. Once this report is set for a reasonable timeframe, if there is an order that shows on this report it means no invoice has been applied. If the order was sent to the factory months ago, then “what happened?” - Did the job stopped, cancelled? This report will give you this information. The report can be filtered and sorted several ways.

To run a Report showing Orders with no Invoices applied:

Go to Orders, then the Report menu at the top and select "Order Transaction Report"

In the Purchase Order Listing Report window that pops up, 

 - select the box  for "Orders without Invoices"

 - Make sure "Show Details" or "Show Totals Only" are checked

 - set the timeframe (obviously, orders that are only a month or two old don't make sense to show)

 - Account - use this to select one or more Sales Account (optional)

 - use the Select tab to filter further (optional)

 - use the Sort tab to Group By and a 2nd or Sub-group if needed

Then, click Print

The report example below shows all POs that have NO invoices applied. Many use this for follow-up