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The Subject Line – Send Messag…
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Last modified on 7/19/2013 10:29 AM by User.


The Subject Line – Send Message

(Currently only available for V2.7 orders.)



Changing the address and subject when sending a message from attachments takes a lot of time. Additionally, the system should be able to auto populate the subject based on the contact the message is being sent to.


Sending email (or faxes) from attachments is challenging in that the person being sent the message varies. The solution: a drop-down providing the user with a method to quickly change the subject and the addressed “to” in one click. Here’s how:

  • Select the “New attachment or Reminder” button in attachments
  • Select “Email”
  • Click the subject line “drop down” and select the required contact
  • Complete the message and send.

That’s it!


Select the “New Attachment or Reminder” button:


Select “E-Mail”:


Click on the [^] symbol beyond the edge of the subject line:


The subject changes based on the selected customer, helping the factory identify the customer or allowing the customer to quickly identify the manufacturer.