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Linking an Order to an Existing Quote

If an order is entered without converting from the existing OASIS quote, the order can still be linked back to the original quote. Please note that this will be a header level linkage. The line level linkage will not be present because it was not converted the normal way. You won't be able to see line level color codes showing the status from the order when viewing the quote, but this linkage will allow for certain reporting options. 

To link an order to an existing quote, please note the quote number in question. In the example below, the full quote number is "TRTY15-40" but we will only need the quote number itself for this (40) not the workgroup prefix (TRTY15-).

Creating the order

You can create an order as you normally would if needed. Go to the Orders section, then click the New Commissioned Order button.

Select whether this is a hold or release order. (For this example, it will be for release.)

Enter the basics: Manufacturer, Customer, and PO Number. Once you tab off the PO Number field, you will be able to enter the quote number in the "Our Quote" field. You will need to enter a # sign, followed by just the quote number. (In this example, #40.) Tab off the field.

Once you tab off the field you will receive a pop up similar to the one below. Click Yes to continue.

If the quote is found to be a valid quote number and is located in the database, OASIS will automatically add the full quote number to the "Our Quote" field. The linkage is now complete and items can be manually added to the items tab. 

The linkage will be apparent from the OASIS Tree view on the Attachments tab. You will be able to expand the transaction tree to see the related quote number, as well as view attachments from the project.

Linking to an existing order after it was entered

If the order was already created, saved, printed, etc. you can still link it to the existing quote number. It will require admin access to do this, though. Open the order in question, then go to Action > Admin Mode.  This will allow the field to be edited. Enter the quote number as explained above, tab off, and click Yes on the pop up.