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Paying Regional Sales Managers
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Paying Regional Sales Managers


Paying Regional (outside) Sales Managers using OASIS is done by first identifying the orders the sales manager is to be credited with. Once completed, the RSM report may be run by invoices (shipments) or by money received (invoices paid).

Enter Order Credit

The order credit is normally one sales manager per order, but may be split between multiple sales managers as shown in this example with a 50% / 50% split.

Note that the total sell amount of the order is $300 and the total company earnings is $105. (This is the sell price less the cost and the commission/overage paid to the rep.) Of the $105, each RSM splitting this order will receive 50%.

The order is invoiced normally and payments are applied to the invoice.

Running the Report

To run the report, select "RSM Report" under the "Reports" menu in the "Payments" application.

The dialog to run the report has the following options:

In this example, the report will be run by invoice date (shipment date) for all sales account (Regional Sales Managers). Optionally, the report may be run by Payment Date. Is recommended to use one method or the other and not combine runs as it may result in over/under crediting a sales manager.

The report will show the full amount of the invoice, but only the earnings credit the RSM is to receive: