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Sales Agency Commission Report
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Sales Agency Commission Report


To track commissions by sales agency, each order must contain a valid commission split for each rep having credit on the order. Then the commission report may be run as invoices are created or when payments are applied to OASIS (customer payments). This document shows how to:

  • Track agency commission splits
  • Run the report

Track Agency Commission Splits

To track the order credit (split) for each agency, select the sales agency in the "Agency Splits" section of the order:


In this case, "Rep One" gets the destination and order credit for 50% of the total order credit. The rep "LA" will receive the spec credit for 50% of the total order value. It is possible to skew the credits. That is, the "LA" rep can be given 100% of the overage by zeroing out the overage for the "Rep One" order and destination credits and changing the "LA" rep overage credit to 100%. This will affect the commission report below.

These credits may also be used or omitted from various reports. The customizable report field names containing "Territory" will use the splits to calculate sales and earning values.

Run the Report

The Commissions Report is located in the Payments application inside OASIS. After selecting "Payments", select "Commission Report" from the "Reports" menu:

The Commission report can be run to show invoices by the invoice date or by date paid. The idea to be able to run the report to pay commission on shipments or on customer payments.

One sales agency may be selected as well allowing the report to be re-run for a single agency when needed. If no agency is selected, then the report will show a page for each agency with commissions due during the report run timeframe.

The resulting report with the example order: