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Juno Payment Download
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Juno Payment Download

****Coming Soon****

OASIS can receive payment information from Juno.


The data for Invoices and Payments from Juno is the same.  The only difference is the timing of the information.  Earlier in the month, the information from Juno may contain information about the invoice, but may not have information about the commissions of the invoice.  Later in the month, information about commission amounts may be available.  Because the information is the same, the setup of invoices and payment downloads is almost the same.  To enable receiving payment information, update the specialization of the manufacturer entry for Juno (and any sub-brands of Juno).

1)      Edit the Juno manufacturer entry


2)      Choose “Juno” as the Specialization option and click “Configure Specialization”


3)   Select the Connectivity tab.  Then select the Commission tab.

Enter this value...

Note: For beta users, substitute "qa" in place of "www" until instructed by Juno to switch to production.

Then specify the month to check for invoice information.


4) Select the Options tab.  Then select "Use Juno's Commission Status Service"



Checking for Payments

To check for Juno payment, choose the Payments menu in OASIS, then choose to create a new payment and choose Juno as the manufacturer.  Then from the payment editor's Tools menu, select "Download payment from manufacturer".  This option will begin the download of payment information from Juno (as well as other manufacturers that may be defined for payment to be downloaded in this way).

When the download completes, a report displays a summary about each invoice downloaded.  The notes column will indicate if a matching invoice was found in OASIS.

Note:  If there are no payments for the month specified in Setup, this dialog will appear...