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Combined Resell (Vendor and Customer) Invoice


The combined resell invoice entry screen is a time saver as it allows the entry of a vendor invoice and the creation of a customer invoice in one shot! The up side is all the money is seen on one screen, allowing for accurate billings and makes catching billing problems easy. The limitation is that material from only one vendor PO may be invoiced at a time (no “combined” vendor billings).

Many of the same features are available from the vendor invoice screen including the ability to add factory lines (e.g. “split” a line).

For quick identification, the dual invoice screen has a yellow background. Editing customer invoices created by the dual screen will show in the customer invoice screen (red) and vendor invoices created by the dual screen will show in the vendor invoice screen (green).

The vendor invoice screen may only be started from the “New Resell Invoice” item in the invoice application “File” menu. When selected, only the vendor PO number is required to identify the order being invoiced. Once identified, OASIS will ask if a credit or invoice is being created (the process for both is very similar):



Creating the Invoice

Go to the invoices application and select the new button



OASIS will open the combined resell invoice screen(yellow/tan).  Type in the Vendor PO number and OASIS will bring up the bill of material for that vendor only.  Users CANNOT invoice profit or services lines not associated with the vendor being invoiced.  


OASIS will ask whether you are creating an invoice or a credit.  Select "Invoice."




Enter the following:

  • Vendor Invoice number
  • Vendor Invoice date
  • Add shipping information to the shipping tool bar, if desired.  OASIS will add this same shipping information to all items included on this invoice
  • Enter the quantity of items being shipped and invoiced by line. Use the "Add Factory Item" as needed to show any trims, anchor bolts or other small pieces of the same fixture. 
  • Enter any values on lot lines.  OASIS will calculate the prorata share for the sell  column.  Users can bill the entire sell amount if they choose by typing over the OASIS calculation. 
  • Add items such as freight, miscellaneous charges
  • OASIS will automatically add the sales tax charges based upon the sales tax assigned to the customer.  If the items ship outside that tax area, users may need to change the sales account to correct. 


Check the sales accounts and make changes if necessary.  

Users may need to review the Ship to address to determine if the sales tax for the customer differs from that for the shipping address. If so, it might be necessary to change the sales tax account. 


Print the customer invoice (OASIS will automatically create a copy of same in the attachments tab.  




The invoice is not created until printed or saved.


Unlike commissioned invoices, customer invoices will attach a PDF copy of the invoice when created. It is also recommended to scan the original vendor invoice and attaching to the vendor invoice in OASIS).