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Receiving an RFQ From Juno
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Last modified on 3/17/2015 9:46 AM by User.


Receiving an RFQ From Juno

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OASIS can receive RFQ’s electronically from Juno through their JLG system.  This information can be used to import information from Juno into a quote.


To enable receiving RFQ responses from Juno, update the specialization of the manufacturer entry for Juno (and any sub-brands of Juno).

1)      Edit the Juno manufacturer entry

2)      Choose “Juno” as the Specialization option and click “Configure Specialization”

3)   Select the Connectivity tab.  Then select the Quote Status tab.

Enter this value...

Note: For beta users, substitute "qa" in place of "www" until instructed by Juno to switch to production.

4) Select the Options tab.  Then select "Use Juno's Quote Status Service"


Checking RFQ Response

To check to see if an RFQ response is available, open the OASIS quote and click the RFQ button located at the top of the window...


If Juno has no status available, this dialog message is returned...

If a status is available, information from Juno will show in a window similar to this screen.  You can then select the appropriate price columns to compare to the downloaded prices as well as define which column to place the downloaded pricing into.