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Vendor Only Invoice
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Vendor Only Invoice


The vendor only invoice is used to capture the items billed by the vendor. This information may be used to later billed “shipped items” and freight using the customer only invoice screen. Additionally, vendor invoices may be used to identify accounts payable.

Many of the same features are available from the vendor invoice screen including the ability to add factory lines (e.g. “split” a line).

For quick identification, the vendor invoice screen has a green background. Editing an existing vendor invoice will show the vendor invoice screen.

The vendor invoice screen may only be started from the “New Vendor Invoice” item in the invoice application “File” menu. When selected, only the vendor PO number is required to identify the order being invoiced. Once identified, OASIS will ask if a credit or invoice is being created (the process for both is very similar):


The customer invoice may now be edited for quantity and values. Factory items may be added to the invoice (e.g. “Splitting” the line) as well:


The invoice is not created until printed or saved.

Printing the invoice will not create a PDF attachment (it is a duplicate – consider scanning the original and attaching to the vendor invoice in OASIS).


OASIS is designed to ask if the user wants to create a Customer only invoice upon saving the vendor invoice.  Creating the customer invoice separately like this allows the user to invoice across the entire order including profit and services rather than just invoicing only what what shipped.