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Customer Only Invoice
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Customer Only Invoice


The customer only invoice is used only for billing the customer. Unlike the dual invoice screen, the customer invoice screen allows product to be billed at any time and for any vendor on the resell order. All other customer related features are available (e.g. tax calculations).

For quick identification, the customer invoice has a red background. Editing an existing customer invoice will show the customer invoice screen.

The customer invoice screen may be started from:

-          The “New Invoice Like” item in the resell order “File” menu

-          From the “New Customer Invoice” item in the invoice application “File” menu

If the “New Customer Invoice” item is used, the customer and the purchase order number must be keyed before the invoice process is begun. Once the customer and the purchase order number have been identified, then OASIS will ask if a credit or invoice is being created (the process for both is very similar):


The customer invoice may now be edited for quantity and values. Factory items may be added to the invoice (e.g. “Splitting” the line) as well.  Additionally, the customer only invoice allows the user to invoice the entire resell order across all vendors ordered and including profit or services.  The sales tax account assigned to the customer in their OASIS entry will automatically appear.  


The invoice is not created until printed or saved.

Unlike commissioned invoices, customer invoices will attach a PDF copy of the invoice when created.