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Deposit Invoice
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Deposit Invoice

A deposit invoice may be created for any resell order. The deposit invoice will contain appropriate taxes and payment on the invoice may be accepted at the same time. Steps include:

-          Fill out the form and print the invoice.

-          Verify the auto deposit credit when invoicing customers.

The Deposit Form

The deposit invoice is created by opening the order and selecting “New Deposit Invoice” form the “File” menu of the resell (yellow/tan screen) order:

The “Create Deposit Invoice” form is pretty easy – just fill in the amount of the deposit and (optionally) the amount paid now:

There are two tricks: key in a percentage (e.g. 50%) in the Amount of Deposit (text box) and the system will calculate the deposit as a percentage of the order value.

Or, key in a check number and the default “Amount Paid NOW” is calculated as a sum of the deposit amount and the tax (rekeying the check number will recalculate this value).

When the Ok button is pushed, a copy of the deposit invoice is printed (if print preview is selected, then the invoice is not created). Additionally, if the amount received is filled in, the invoice will show as paid (OASIS will create both an invoice and a payment):


Verify the Deposit Auto Credit

As material is later invoiced, OASIS will automatically credit the deposit based on the amount of the invoice – not more than the total amount of the deposit.

From our example, one of the ten items on the order is being invoiced, therefore, only 1/10 of the deposit is credited: