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Send Message PDF Editor


Toolbar Buttons

Button / Field Purpose / Action
 Select Tool Select highlights
 Highlight Tool Allow user to draw highlight boxes
 Delete Delete selected highlight(s)
 Zoom in Zoom in - does not modify the document
 Zoom out Zoom out - does not modify the document
 Highlight Properties Allow user to modify the highlight properties. Includes adding text, and changing colors




Menu Item Purpose / Action
Next Page Show next page
Prev Page Show previous page
Edit Properties Edit the selected highlight properties
Save and Close Save changes to PDF and close the window
Close Close the window without saving chagnes
Select All Select all highlights
Cut Cut selected highlights

Copy selected highlights

Paste Paste copied highlights
Delete Delete selected highlights
  • Up - create a duplicate above selected highlight
  • Down - create a duplicate below selected highlight
  • Left - create a duplicate to the left of the selected highlight
  • Right - create a duplicate to the right of the selected highlight
Edit Text Edit text of the selected highlight
Next Select next highlight
Prev Select previous highlight

Page List

Shows a list of all the pages in the PDF file. The selected file is highlighted in blue and is shown to the right. When another page is selected, the changes are remembered. However, changes to the PDF document are not saved unless "Save and Close" is selected.

Pages may be moved around by dragging and dropping pages.

Dropping PDF files from the desktop to the "Drop Here" are will cause the pages of that PDF file to be added to this document.

Popup Menu

Right clicking on a page will show the following popup menu:

Menu Item Purpose / Action
Move Up Move the selected page up
Move Down Move the selected page down
Select file to add Select a PDF file to add to this document
Mark page to be remove When "Save and Close" is pressed, the page will be removed.