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Last modified on 11/21/2014 4:59 PM by User.


Refresh Order Status for Selected Orders


Most manufacturers with OASIS connectivity have the ability to send a list of orders that have been updated when the "Receive Order Status" menu is clicked (under the Tools menu in orders). However, some orders may be skipped for a variety of reasons.


To update a list of orders, simply click on "Refresh Order Status for Selected Orders". This may be done for one order or for a list of orders. Here is what happens:

  • Each order is recalled from the related manufacturer's server.
  • If the order status may be applied completely at the line level, the order status is updated and a copy of the order status is saved as an attachment.
  • If the order status can not be automatically applied, the order status is added to the order's attachment tab. Pressing the F7 button will show a screen allowing the user to manually drag an drop order status from the download to the related line (or lines) on the order.
  • A window is shown to indicate the order(s) that were updated, the order(s) that must be manually updated, and any errors.


Below, three orders were listed as not having order status (the "Unscheduled" blue link was clicked on). Since the manufacturer provides data for the  orders electronically, the "Refresh Order Status for Selected Orders" was clicked on to download order status for each order.