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OASIS Video Knowledge Base
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OASIS Video Knowledge Base

Over the years, we have received a lot of feedback on new ideas for OASIS.  For the past year, we have focused on redeveloping the order entry and invoice systems in OASIS in response to comments made by many users.  Overall, the changes are mostly cosmetic as the system continues to function as it did in the past - but with a new look and feel.  New users are finding the new system to be very user friendly.  We hope existing OASIS users will find these videos useful when converting to the new version of OASIS.

Many thanks for all the feedback over the years!


New OASIS installs
Logging into 2.7 for the first time!
Receiving OASIS updates
Checking Backups and Validating the Database

The Series Editor


OASIS Quick Tips 

Mass Email

Price Lookup

Price Lists

Price List Basics (YouTube)
Importing Price List from Excel (YouTube)
Add New Part When Not Found (YouTube)
Assigning a Price Level to a Customer (YouTube)
Customer Specific Pricing (YouTube)


YouTube Playlist of all Projects Videos -- Great for initial user training.

Preferences (YouTube)
Creating Projects (YouTube)
Project/Phase/Bid (YouTube)
General Tab (YouTube)
Followups (YouTube)
Quantity/Part/Description/Note (YouTube)
Project Bid Board and Calendar (YouTube)
Preferences and Layouts (YouTube)
Commissions and Overage (YouTube)
Representative Resell (YouTube)
Distributor Pricing Column (YouTube)
Code Column and Notes (YouTube)
Accessories (YouTube)
Kits (YouTube)
Lamps (YouTube)
Contractor Counts (YouTube)
NoQuote and CQ (YouTube)
Options (YouTube)
Math Functions (YouTube)
Spread Profit (YouTube)
Lot Lines (YouTube)
Profit and Overage Lines (YouTube)
Customers Tab (YouTube)
Manufacturers Tab (YouTube)
Send Message (YouTube)
Price Lookup and Price History (YouTube)
Buy Bid (YouTube)

Commissioned Orders

Converting Orders From Quotes
New Order
Change Orders
Adding Shipping

Stock PO (YouTube)
Converting from a Quote (YouTube)
Change Order from Projects (YouTube)
Change Order (YouTube)
HFR Release (YouTube)
RMA (YouTube)
Problems (YouTube)
Cancelling Orders or Order Lines (YouTube)


Distributor and Resell Orders

Stock PO (YouTube)
Converting from a Quote (YouTube)
Change Order from Projects (YouTube)
Change Order (YouTube)
HFR Release (YouTube)
Cancelling Orders and Order Lines (YouTube)


Line Level (YouTube)
Quick Invoice (YouTube)
Spec Orders (YouTube)
Commission Reconciliation (YouTube)


Commission (YouTube)
Resell (YouTube)


Inventory Overview


Customizable Report Overview (YouTube)
Customizable Quote Listing (YouTube)
Customizable Order Listing (YouTube)
Customizable Invoice and Payment Listings (YouTube)
Batch Reports (YouTube)

Database Support

New Server Installation (YouTube)
How to Convert Database to V16 (YouTube)