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Last modified on 2/8/2016 10:45 AM by User.


Tax Accounts 2

The original tax account system in OASIS was tied only to a customer and not the ship to address. Additionally, it was a very basic tax system. The few features are:

  1. Ship to address matching on invoice
  2. Priority for tax calculation (ordering)
  3. Apply to tax to a subtotal including tax.

(Other features are planned.)


Before activating the new tax system, please note that the old system will immediately be deactivated. If converting, it is best to create matching tax accounts in the new system and transition by adding ship-to rules (limits).

To activate the new tax system, select Configuration > Software. Then select "Settings" under "Global Preferences". Then select the "Extra" tab. Check the box "Use new Taxes 2 Application and logic". Press Ok and re-login to OASIS.

Creating Tax Accounts

Create a new tax account by selecting Configuration > Tax Accounts 2. Then select the "New Tax Account" menu item from the "File" menu:


Here is a quick definition of the fields on the general tab:

Field Description Required?
Account The ID shown in the rest of the application Y
State / Prov Base rule used when matching the ship to address. N
Description For reporting and identification N
Crossover Account Used when integrating with other data system N
Active If the account is active (used) or for reference only Y
Standard Percentage The tax rate Y
Priority (order) Forms a group from 0 to 10. When used the "Tax Subtotal", the lower group is totaled first, then the numerically larger group is calculated to include the previous group total. N
Tax Freight Are freight charges taxed Y
Tax Subtotal Is the tax levied after adding in other taxes? Y



Limits are used to determine whether or not a tax applies. This is in addition to the "State / Prov" field from the general tab. Any entries in the tables on the limits tab further refines the tax. Adding a product type (e.g. Labor) will only apply to taxes for labor. It is also common to limit a tax to a set of zip codes or city names. In all cases, the invoice ship to address is used to select the matching taxes.


Defaulting by Customer

It is still possible to assign one or more tax accounts to a customer in OASIS. This becomes the default tax used if the invoice address matches no tax accounts. In all cases, the customer must be marked as resell ok before the customer may be added to a resell order in OASIS. (There is no longer a requirement for a tax account to be added to the customer entry.)

For setup using the older Tax Accounts 1 module, click here.