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Login and Settings

(No longer supported)


When launching the app for the first time, some configuration will be required. The first screen you will be greeted to will be the login screen.

You will need to talk with your administrative user to determine where the sync host is located. That will be the information for the server and port fields.

  • Server - IP address or computer name where the sync service is hosted
  • Port - The port from which the service is broadcast
  • User/Password - your OASIS user credentials (same as you use to log into OASIS)

Once you log in for the first time, you will see the following message. This is because your device needs to be authenticated by the sync host. You will need to communicate with them to ensure that you are given the correct credentials and that you have access to your data.

Once you have been granted access, try the login button again, and you should get the syncing message. You may need to wait a bit as it initializes tables and data during this time.

Once the initial sync completes, OASIS will auto-login with your credentials and you should get the home screen and greeting message.

OASIS will continue to sync your information until it is up to speed with the master database. As changes are made, and as you make them, OASIS will keep track of what it needs to sync, and will connect to the database (depending on server availability/network connection) to relay these changes in each database. 


Q: I'm having trouble logging in. The app keeps saying "Can't connect to server". Help!

A: There are a few things that could cause this error:

  1. The device is not connected to a wifi router
  2. The device is connected to a wifi router, but the router is not on the same network as the machine broadcasting the Sync service. Get with your IT person to make sure the network is configured properly.
  3. There is no computer broadcasting the Sync service. For more information, see the help document covering starting the sync service in OASIS.
  4. The machine broadcasting the sync service is unresponsive or is behind a firewall. Please get with your IT person to open the port that the service is set to run on. 

Q: I never get past the first sync page (the one with the purple background). It still keeps syncing information, but it is taking a long time!

A: If the machine broadcasting the sync service is slow or has a slow connection to the database, it could be that it is not processing the Users table, preventing you from getting your User account. If this happens, let it sit for a few hours (maybe even a whole day) and see if it catches up; if not, then try deleting the application data, delete the device from the sync tables in OASIS, and restart the sync.