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Samples»Ordering a sample
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Ordering a sample


This document will go over the brief process of ordering a sample from the samples screen. At the time of writing, using the sample order will not add the sample(s) to the list of samples in Oasis. This is a feature that we wish to implement at some point in the future but are unable to know due to focusing on more pressing design aspects. What this process will do at this time is help direct you to starting a order that is for the purpose of buying sample(s) to help track your money, especially if bought with commission.

NOTE - You must still "Receive" the Sample in to your Sample inventory by doing a "New Sample Receipt"


To start, go to the Samples screen. Then select File in the top left, go to New and then hit New Sample Order.

On the pop up window, you will need to specify the manufacturer and customer (you). By pressing the boxes, you can select the each from their respective lists that will appear. You can also choose if the order will be commissioned, in which case the manufacturer will withhold the value of the sample(s) if not returned, or a buy order, in which case you are simply purchasing from the manufacturer for permanent use. Once you the fields set as needed, hit Create.

NOTE: You can change the PO Number for the sample order by dragging the window to see the text box for the PO Number field. If you change that number on this screen, it will remember it for next time and increment the number you entered by one.

Now you will either be in a commissioned order screen or a vendor buy screen depending on whether you selected Commissioned or Resell. From here, Oasis functions just like a normal order.