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Sample Kiosk


This document will show you how to setup a station to function as a kisok with automatic login when you launch the Samples - Full Screen mode. This should only be used on a machine that's sole purpose is to be used for checking in/out samples as any attempt to log onto Oasis will result in logging in as the auto login user that is set in the below example.


I want to set up this machine so that the user account demo is automatically logged into when launching Oasis. To do so, I'm going to go to the Configuration tab and select Software. Under Workstation Configuration, I will hit the Preferences link.


Next, on the window that appeared after hitting Preferences, there is a check box for auto login that will need to be checked. Then enter the user ID and password for the account that is to be used. Make sure the login information entered is correct.

Finally hit Ok, and then log out of Oasis. Now you can launch the full screen version of Oasis and it will automatically log into the account.