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Last modified on 10/22/2018 2:50 PM by User.

Understanding Option Codes

The option codes in the quotes and projects area of OASIS can be very useful tools when it comes to handling complicated or large jobs. Keep in mind that options influence the rows below them until the end of the bill of material or until there is another option code or Subtotal group.

The option codes were designed to help with staging out a project and are programmed to function as follows:
  • Option - Prints only on customer copy, the standard option used for quoting a customer. The lines it contains cannot be sent to an order.
  • Pending Option - Will not print to Customer copy, bill of material, or manufacturer breakout. It also will not allow the lines to be ordered. This is to allow for any final decisions on finish/color that puts the items in a state that you are done quoting them, but not quite ready to send them to an order.
  • Win Option - Used for indicating that the option is ready to order. Prints only to the Manufacturer Breakout, and allows the option group to be converted into an order.
All three options will print on a RFQ or Office Copy.
Should you want to ONLY quote one of the Option groups, make any others "Pending Option". This will hide any items under the Pending Option group(s) from the printed quote, yet still show/have them on your quote screen in OASIS to quote when ready.
When you are ready to convert these Option group(s) to Breakouts or Orders, just switch them to "Win" Options. Then convert to order(s).
Options can be used for Alternates
When you have an Alternate (or multiple Alternates) to offer on the quote, use the Option Code - shown below
Type in "Alternate" (or use your own wording) in the Part column
Enter the item(s) below it. This becomes an Option group.
NOTE - You can use lines from above by copy/pasting OR just enter the type in "Type" column, tab, and it will ask if you want to copy down a type above, click yes/Ok and it will copy the entire line down to this one. Negative Quantities can also be used
Option / Alternates might look like the below example.
Once quote has been sent, if customer asks to re-send quote without Alternate, simply make the Option line a "Pending Option".
This will keep the Option group on your quote screen, but will not show on the Print to the customer.
This way, if customer then returns at some point to Quote/Order the Alternate, its a simple process of switch the Pending Option to Option (to re-quote) or to "Win Option" to create an order.
For more on Options/Alternates, click Using Option OR Alternates on a Quote..