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Buy product through ... (Rep only)


Some agents need to purchase material for a customer for a manufacturer they represent through a distributor. The result in OASIS is a typical resell order showing the purchase of material from the distributor and the sell to the end customer. Then manually a commissioned order is created to show the purchase of material from the manufacturer by the distributor.

This feature streamlines the creation of the commissioned order from the resell order.

CAUTION: Buying product for a customer through a distributor is not normally recommended as a standard business practice. This practice could damage your relationship within the market and with the manufacturer you represent.


Consider a project quoted to all distributors in a market:

In this example, manufacturer "BA" may be purchased by all distributors in the market. However, the winning distributor does not currently have an account with manufacturer "BB" (providing the decorative item).

The solution is to separate out the decorative item as a resell, finding a cost where the item may be purchased by the distributor buying the product from the manufacturer:

From here, the manufacturer "BA" product is purchased as a standard commissioned order. The manufacturer "BB" material is added to a resell order. (NOTE: DO NOT CHANGE THE MANUFACTURER CODE - JUST GET A COST TO BUY THE PRODUCT.)

The resell order is setup with the PO number of the distributor buying all the material for the project.

 and the resell order has all the material to be purchased through the second distributor. (NOTE: DO NOT CHANGE THE MANUFACTURER CODE!)

Next, select "Buy product through ..." under File -> New:

This will show the "Buy Product Through ..." window:

Here is where the distributor buying the product will be selected as a manufacturer entry in OASIS and as a customer entry in OASIS. The "Buy From:" entry will be the code used on the lines in the resell order showing the distributor we are buying the product from. The "Vendor Bills:" entry shows the customer the manufacturer will bill. (This is essentially the same company, but OASIS must show this company as a customer and a manufacturer.)

Then select the lines to be purchased through the second distributor. (NOTE: only material from one manufacturer at a time may be processed at a time.) Notice the "Agent Cost" is automatically increased by multiplying by 1.1 - allowing the secondary distributor to make a little money on the transaction. Here is what is about to happen:

  • End customer will show as buying the material on the resell order in OASIS
  • The second distributor will show as the manufacturer we are buying the material from on the resell order
  • A commissioned order will be created showing the second distributor buying the material from the actual vendor

Here is the resell order after the feature swaps out the actual vendor for the second distirbutor:

The purchase order may be printed and sent to the second distributor at this time.

The commissioned order will show the second distributor as the customer and the actual manufacturer:

The commissioned order may be printed and sent to the manufacturer normally. (NOTE: In this scenario, the address is typically changed to ship the product to the rep.)

Also note that the commissioned order will appear in the attachments tab of the resell order and the project. This allows the rep to see what project this order belongs to (the project name will typically be omitted).

Please use care with this feature. The goal is to make scenario easier when it does arise.