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PO Territory Splits
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Last modified on 7/29/2016 10:34 AM by User.


PO Territory Splits



Dealing with "out of territory" orders is easily handled in OASIS using the Agency Splits tool. This allows you to enter the invoice and create a matching PO at the same time, or create an order for the full amount then select the split you expect to receive. Doing this will show the correct sales dollars and in the correct month.


Assumes the Manufacturer territory splits are setup correctly. If not, click here to learn more


In a PO, go to Tools, then select Agency Splits


The “Sales credit between agencies” window appears:

-       The splits as set up for this manufacturer will appear (can be adjusted if needed)

-       Use the drop down to change how the credits are split

-       Local – your agency

-       Other Agency – this is the default entry for any “out-of-territory” agency

-       NOTE – groups can set up an out of territory specific customer if needed


Once you adjust the credit(s) you receive, click OK.


The PO print will reflect the credit for sales and commission dollars you have selected





When there are territory/agency splits, on most reports only the amount of the PO you get credit for will be show.