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Send Message (Message Editor / Multiple Message Editor)



Tool Bar Buttons (If PDF is showing)


Button / Field Purpose / Action
 Save Save a copy of the PDF to another file name
 Edit Edit the PDF file (see Send Message PDF Editor)
 Print Print the PDF
 First Go to first page
 Previous Previous page
 Next Next Page
 Last Go to last page
 Zoom In Zoom in
 Zoom out Zoom out
 Rotate left Rotate Left (for display only - will not change the file)
 Rotate right Rotate Right (for display only - will not change the file)




Menu Item Purpose / Action
Send Send the email now
Print Print the message
Close Close the window (without send)
Add To Add "To" addressee
Add CC Add "CC" addressee
Add BCC Add "BCC" addressee
Add Attachment Add an attachment to the message

All Messages - Message List

If multiple emails are being sent at one time, each pending message is listed on the left hand side of the screen. Clicking on a message will show it to the right, allowing the user to modify the message before it is sent. No message will be sent unless the "SEND" (to send only one message at  a time) or "Send All" button is pressed. Be careful pressing the "Send All" button the first time - all email will be sent immediately.

The drop down normally shows "All Messages" but the following options are available:

  • All Messages - Show all messages
  • Not Sent - show messages not yet sent
  • Sent - show the messages that have already been sent during this invocation of the Send Message window


Button / Field Purpose / Action
SEND Send the message
Priority Send the message with the priority email attribute set
Subject The subject for the message
Subject  Some print screens like the PO editor will create several different subject lines. Pressing the "..." button will show the different canned subject lines that were auto created.
To Semicolon (;) list of email recipients
CC Same as "To" for courtesy copied recipients
BCC Same as "To" for blind copied recipients
Select contact from the OASIS contact database

Message Area

The message area will show the currently selected message. Typically the top part of the window is the text message and the bottom part is a PDF file view. This allows the user to preview the document being sent while an email is constructed for the recipient.

Clicking on an item in the blue area - like a PDF file - will only show that part of the message. This allows for a larger view of that part of the message.

Attachments may be added to the email by clicking on "Add Attachment" or dragging and dropping files from the user's desktop.

Tips and Tricks!

  • Don't forget to resize this window! The system will remember the size of the window when you send an email.
  • Many users forget that PDF files may be edited from Send Message (see Send Message PDF Editor)