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Last modified on 12/3/2012 7:35 AM by User.

Adjusting the User Account Controls on Windows 8

In some cases, Oasis will not connect to the database automatically on initial start. You would need to add the correct connection information to the Database Connection window that shows up after the error message. However, the Windows User Account Controls prevent Oasis from saving the new connection information. Here is how to turn these controls off and work around the security settings.

To turn off the User Account Controls in Window 8, go to the Start Menu and select the Control Panel app tile.

Next, go to User Accounts and Family Safety.

Once there, click on User Accounts.

Then click on User Accounts and Change User Account Control Settings.

 Adjust the bar to Never Notify (or whatever preference you want) and then click on Ok.

You will receive a popup from UAC asking if you want to allow the change. Say yes. You will likely be prompted to restart your computer. You will need to do so before logging into OASIS again.

Special notice with Windows 8

Due to advances in security settings with Windows 8, the above method might not work in all cases. If this happens, you will need to manually enter the database connection into the "preferences" file in the Oasis program folder. Because of the extra security, you will most likely have to save the file to an alternate location, then copy and paste it to the program directory.

Open a file browser and navigate to C:\Program Files\OASIS271\OASIS. Look for a file called "preferences".

  • Depending on your installation, this directory might also be in the C:\Program Files (x86) directory if you have a 64 bit system. 
  • It also might say OASIS27, OASIS271, or OASIS272.
  • If the folder says OASIS27, there is no OASIS subfolder. The preferences file will be located in the OASIS27 folder.

Open this file in Notepad.

Once the file is open, it will likely look like the below image, showing the ASAODBC connection.

Alter the file so that it uses the Sybase connection. Please note that you will need to know the IP address of the Oasis server:

Next, click File > Save. It is important that the file not be saved with a .txt extension, so change the file type menu to "All Files".

You will receive a warning about permissions. This is caused by the extra security in Windows 8. Click "Yes" to save the file in the My Documents folder.

Be sure to verify that there is no ".txt" extension added to the file name and that the type still says "all files". 

Now, open another file browser and navigate to your My Documents folder. You will need to drag and drop this file into the OASIS folder.

When prompted, select "replace".

Once more, you will be prompted by Windows to give permission for access. Click Continue.

Now launch Oasis again. It should connect to the database successfully.