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Customers in OASIS»Customer Phone Book
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Customer Phone Book

To create a customer phone book, go to the customer application and highlight the customer entries you want to include in your phone book. 

Go to the file menu and select "Print Phone Book"

OASIS will pop up the following dialog box. 

Field Description
Output to

Choose from OASIS standard options:

  • Local printer
  • Print Preview
  • PDF
  • Excel
  • Send Message (PDF)
  • Send Message (Excel)
Batch Name Name the listing of customers if you want to save it in the reports section for future use.
Customers These are the customers that were highlighted prior to selecting "Print Phone Book." Users can add or remove entries as desired.
Show Contacts The standard phone book entry shows the contact information for the customer.  Selecting "Show Contacts" will show the individual contacts on the output in addition to the customer's information.
Show Alternate Role If alternate roles are set up, these will be displayed under the Position column on the output

Choose how entries will be sorted on the output.

Save Report Save this configured listing for future use-- access from the reports section. 

Final output with contacts shown below.