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Monthly This Year vs Last Year…
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Monthly This Year vs Last Year Report


Knowing how you’re doing and comparing that to the previous year is one of the main tasks of reporting. There are many reporting tools in OASIS, but one of the easiest to create is an Order Summary type report that compares the current year to the previous year by calendar month. This report takes many of the features of the “My Order Summary” report (from the Home screen), same look and feel, but adds a line for the previous year. The default setting is by manufacturer but can be set to customer, CSR, Sales Account, etc. Values can be Booked, Earnings, etc. Again, if you like the My Order Summary report, this one may help you as well.


Here’s how to run:


Go to Orders, then Reports (Menu bar)

Select “Order Summary”


The Create Summary Report window appears



General tab

Output to:

How the report is to be displayed / sent / printed


If saving, give report a name/title here and click “Save Report”. Saved reports show in the Reports section


-          Template

Monthly TY&LY – calendar month report that compares this year top the previous year on separate lines.

-          Three Year Summary

Reports by the last 3 years totals

-          Booked Sales and Commission Summary

Compares Sales & Commission dollars for each day of the current month


Row values for report


What values are being reported


-          Source

What types of orders to be shown

-          Year

What year

-          To month

Not used


Default is blank, so all accounts are reported. If certain account(s) are reported, click Add. If removing accounts highlight account, click Remove

Select tab

Maybe used to filter report further


After selections are made, if any, click Print


Example of report below:


General tab

er selections are made, if any, click Print


Example of report below: