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Last modified on 7/23/2013 4:52 PM by User.


Quick Sample Checkout from Contacts

All samples must be received and entered in the sample application of OASIS. See the articles on samples and catalogs for more information. 

To quickly check out a sample from a contact entry, go to contacts and find the person you gave a catalog. Click "Leave Sample." If you are not in the view format below, you can hit the far right icon in the top left of the window to toggle to this view. Hit it again to go back to spreadsheet view.

OASIS will display a selection window.  Locate and select the sample then click "Ok."

OASIS will note that the chosen sample has been left with the selected contact. 


There will now be a notation that the user loaned the contact a sample both in the contact and in the samples section. 


Samples section entry