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Contacts»Leaving Catalogs
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Last modified on 7/24/2013 2:26 PM by User.


Leaving Catalogs

Use of this feature is dependent upon Using the catalogs features in the OASIS Samples section.  See the articles on samples and catalogs for more information. 

Go to contacts and find the person you gave a catalog. Click "Leave Catalog."


OASIS will open a catalog selection window.  Pick the correct catalog and click "Ok"


OASIS will make a notation that your contact was given that catalog

There will now be a notation that the user gave the contact a catalog both in the contact and in the samples section. 


To view the samples section

Select Samples on the left, then Catalogs under "View" on the right, then select the catalog to view the section notation.

Select the History tab to view the contacts who have received a catalog.