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Setup and Use of Resell»Creating a Customer Credit
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Last modified on 4/20/2017 11:58 AM by User.


Creating a Customer Credit

Creating a credit follows the identical procedure of creating an invoice so OASIS supports:

  • Customer Credits
  • Vendor Credits
  • Combined Resell Credits. 


Go to invoices and select the green + button:


You will need to input the Manufacture and the PO number.



OASIS will ask if you want to create an invoice or a credit.  Select Credit.



OASIS is smart enough to know that you are crediting your customer. ENTER the quantity being credited.  DO NOT put a "-" in front of the quantity or you will create a new invoice instead of a credit.  

OASIS will change the quantity to a negative after the user tabs out of the quantity field.


Special Notes on "Add Items"

  • If entering a lot line, enter the dollar value without the negative sign in front of it.  
  • Restock charges are always positive numbers reducing the amount of the credit
  • Freight and Misc can be either charged to or credited to customers depending upon the circumstances so users will have to enter a negative sign when attempting to credit the customer otherwise the amounts will reduce the total credit.  

Example below has a restock charge and the customer is being charged freight which reduces the amount of the credit.