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OASIS Cloud "OOPS" Recovery
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Last modified on 11/14/2017 9:17 AM by User.


OASIS Cloud "OOPS" Recovery

OASIS Cloud Backup has one very interesting feature: OOPS Recovery! Every revision to every transaction is retained on the cloud server. This allows the transaction to be recovered when bad things happen, such as when the wrong quote is updated or a network glitch causes only half of the lines to be saved. Currently the recovery below only works in projects/quotes, but the revisions are saved for all OASIS primary transactions (e.g. orders, invoices, ...).

Restoring A Quote

To restore a quote, first open the quote, navigating to the bill of material to be restored:

In the tools menu, select "Recover from Cloud":

Browse between the different dates on the left to locate the required bill of material. Once visible, press the "Restore" button:

Press "OK" to continue:

Open the transaction to see the recovery: