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Converting Resell orders from a Quote

Open the quote and select the winning customer for the project.  Don't forget to select the winning contractor if it is listed under the distributor entry. Once a Winning Customer is selected, you can proceed creating an order the same as commissioned orders.

In the staging screen (example below), all the buy/sell items will be under one selection “All resell items”

Push the radio button for “All resell items”, and click “Create”

The status change window appears, click Yes

The Release/Hold window appears, select Release or Hold as appropriate.

The new buy/sell order will appear. Notice the background color for buy/sell po’s is a yellow/tan color.  This one order will contain both the customer and the vendor orders.  

On the general tab, enter all of the information for your agreement with the customer. The following 

  • Enter the Customer PO#
  • The Shipping agreement you have with the customer.  i.e. Prepaid and add means that if the bill of material makes freight for the individual vendor then it is freight allowed for the customer. If it does not "make freight," the customer will be required to pay the freight. Conversely, if this field is set to allow, then the freight will be paid by Agent.
  • Freight type would be that which is the most common for all the vendor orders. Each vendor order has its own freight information. 

On the items tab, you will see parts, services and profit along with any cost and commission values (Resell Ok vendors only)

On the Addresses tab,  enter the addresses used by most of the Vendor orders

Go to the Notes tab to enter or view the customer notes.  These will be used on all the vendor orders unless altered on that specific order. 

Users who do not need to adjust any information for individual vendor orders can go straight to printing the order. OASIS will created the corresponding vendor orders automatically.

To make changes for any of the specific vendor orders, go to the Vendor Orders tab and click on the "Update" button to create the vendor orders.  

Highlight the Vendor order to view its General, Addresses, and Notes tab.  Make any changes that differ from the  customer order entries.  Please note, you will not see any orders for services only vendors.  

Click Print and OASIS will show all of the created Vendor PO's.User can "Send Message" orders or print hard copies to transmit. 

OASIS will show one of the two print out forms.  

This is the "Resell Ok" vendor form because the vendor received both commissioned and resell orders from the agent. 

"Resell Only" vendors would see the following order form that is very simplified and only shows cost.