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Last modified on 1/12/2016 10:33 AM by User.


Changing information on one vendor order

In creating either a project or a stock order,  occasionally it is necessary to be able to handle one vendor differently.  Some examples of data that can differ between orders includes:

  • Stamp
  • Freight /shipping information 
  • Manufacturer Quote Numbers
  • Entry Date
  • Sales account credit
  • Ship To addresses
  • Alternate addresses
  • Markings
  • Call ahead information 
  • Notes

When creating a new orders, make changes for any of the specific vendor orders by going to the Vendor Orders tab and click on the "Update" button to create the vendor orders.  

Highlight the Vendor order to view its General, Addresses, and Notes tab.  Make any changes that differ from the  customer order entries.  Please note, you will not see any orders for services only vendors.  

OASIS is going to automatically notice that there are differences between the vendor and customer order information and attempt to confirm or change the information back to what was entered on the customer tabs. 


Make change will have OASIS recopy the customer information back into the vendor order.   Consider it like a Revert Change function.  There are 3 situations:

  • Making a change on the customer side and it needs to be pushed down to the vendor - In this case you would select "Make Change"
  • Making a change on the Vendor side and it does not need to be pushed to the customer - In this case you would not select "Make Change."
  • If a user made a mistake and wants to use what's on the customer tabs the select "Make Change."