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Resell (Buy/Sell) orders (no quote)

This article assumes that set up has been completed for the resell company, manufacturers, and customers (including sales tax accounts.) Please review set up articles or contact support for assistance, if necessary. 

Resell stock orders are created directly from the orders section in OASIS. 

Go to the orders application in OASIS .  Select the "create resell order" button. 

OASIS will ask you if you want to create a hold order or a released order.  Make the appropriate selection for your order. 

OASIS will open a new resell transaction.  The order will be a tan/yellowish color to differentiate it from a commissioned (grey screen order). OASIS handles both the customer and the vendor side of the transaction. A resell stock order can contain one or more vendor orders.  

Fill out the (Customer's) General Tab.

  • Select Customer/Customer Contact
  • Enter Customer's PO number here! The vendor PO numbers will be generated by OASIS on the Vendor Orders tab using the prefix-counter number from the resell company.
  • Add freight agreement with customer.  Prepaid and add means that the customer will be billed for freight costs if the freight allowance policy is not met. 
  • Adjust all other fields as necessary. 

Add Items to the order

OASIS contains cost and sell information in one place.  It may also contain commission information under certain circumstances. 

Add all parts and services. Manufacturer that are Resell OK will normally have a commission pop into the commission column and it will normally be removed.  Parts are generally entered with a cost.  Services and Profit usually will not have a not have a cost.  

Adjust the addresses


Adjust the ship to address. Add Markings, call heads and alternate addresses where appropriate.  


Add Notes


Any notes added to this tab will appear on ALL vendor orders UNLESS the user changes the notes on the individual order. 


Print the order

Unless changes need to be made to the individual vendor orders*, users can create the vendor orders by selecting the print button. 

*User needs to choose a different method of delivery, different addresses or different notes or credit different sales accounts.

OASIS will open the print window.  Send message and local printer are the best output options. PDF would combine the vendor orders into one file which does not work well for sending to the vendor.  

Resell Ok vendors will use the commissioned order template shown below. 

Resell only vendors will use the resell purchase order form shown below.