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Emailing an Order from OASIS
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Emailing an Order from OASIS


OASIS has the ability to email documents from the system. In OASIS, you can email the order as a PDF or Excel attachment. And OASIS keeps a copy of the email in the Attachments tab of the order (and job if converted from a quote). All you need is to make sure you have a contact setup or company (CSR) with a valid email address. The instructions below will guide you through the process.




For Microsoft Outlook users

(This does not include Microsoft Outlook Express users)


In OASIS, go the Home screen

-          Go to File, then Email Preferences


-      Check the “Use Microsoft Outlook” box as above

 -     In the Support Email address area type “

-      In the “User E-Mail Address” type your email address

-      Click OK


For all other E-Mail programs

(including Microsoft Outlook Express)


On the Home screen

-        go to File, then Email Preferences

-        Check the box for “Use default E-Mail client”

-      In the “Support E-Mail Address type “”

-       Click OK


On occasion it may be necessary to force the STMP connection, contact OASIS Support if not working properly



Make sure the Customer/contact has a valid email address


Open a Customer

Go to the Contacts tab and add a Contact by clicking the 3rd button on the toolbar to add a line

-        Enter the persons first name and/or last name

-        Then, in the Email column add a valid email address

-        CSR check box – you can set a default person at the manufacturer to always receive emailed orders by checking the box for CSR.

Click Save & Close


Emailing a order from OASIS


Click Print


If the manufacturer has set for “Customer PO Required” this window will appear as a reminder.

Instructions on how to attach the customers PO are below.

Click OK.

When the Print PO window appears:

-        Change the “Output to:” to Send Message (or Send Message (Excel) if sending as an Excel file)

-        Then select the type of document you are sending (Manufacturer Copy)

-        Manufacturer Copy should be checked and the drop down will say “Sending Order”

When you create a message template for sending emails via Oasis, there are two dynamic text features. 

You can use {FullName} or {CompanyName} and it will auto-populate those fields in the body so it does not have to be done manually.

Then click “OK”

-        The Send Message window appears with all information from the order

-        The Subject is added automatically

-        The “To;” is loaded with the associated email address (can override and type in any email address)

-        The Message area is available for any message

-        OASIS has created a PDF copy of the order and attached it to the email (other documents may be attached – see below)

-        The attached document is Previewed below


To attached other documents, such as the Customers PO

-        Click the Attachments button


-        The Select Attachment window opens, highlight the “Customer PO” to be attached

-        Click OK

Click OK – the attached file will appear

To attached other files from your machine or network:

-        Repeat process above, but click ‘Select File”

Then select the file to attach, click Open


Click Send

A copy of the email and attachments will be in the Attachments tab