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Project Shipping Status Reporting

(All orders for the Project/Job)



Once a job has been converted to orders the process of tracking shipping begins. Jobs that have orders from several different manufacturers can be overwhelming at times. OASIS provides a means to enter shipping information from any brand on the quote. Entering this information can be very helpful in providing the level of customer service you would like. Once this information is entered, OASIS can generate very powerful ways to report and provide information to a customer since OASIS records this information at the line level.


NOTE – See the help sheet on applying Shipping Information in OASIS.


In a Project:

-          Select the Phase/job and the Bid tab for the quote desired.

-          Go to Reports on the toolbar, select “Project Status”


-          In the Project Status Print window, select the output desired (can email as well)



-          Click OK

-          The report will cover all the orders  status (line level) for all orders on the Project

-          See example below

-          Email this to your customers from OASIS!