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Manufacturer Connectivity»General Electric»Sending Orders to GE (Old)
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Sending Orders to GE (Old)

GE is able to accept completely released orders only.  Please note GE's EDI definition does not allow for overage therefore OASIS is unable to transmit overage in EDI orders. 

Before sending orders, GE connectivity must be configured and all accounts must be added to the GE manufacturer entry. In addition, A MFG Quote number is required on all lines of the GE order.  To ensure you have a MFG Quote number on each line, you will need to ensure that the MFG Quote column is visible on your Items Tab (if this column is not visible, you can click File->Preferences from the Items Tab and check the box next to MFG Quote).  From there, sending an order to GE is as easy as printing. When properly configured, the following question will appear: 

By default, when the "Ok" button is pressed, the "Sending data direct to manufacturer ..." window will appear. (To over-ride, simply select "Sending Order" instead of "Send Direct!")


Review the order! This is important because once sent, the order can not be recalled! Once the information is reviewed, press the Send Now button. The top area of the screen will start flashing while the order is uploaded to the server. You will be notified if there is an error, otherwise the text "Successfully sent transaction to factory." will appear:

Note: no information about the order may be downloaded at this time.