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Setting up GE connectivity (Old)


Configuring OASIS

Open or create a GE manufacturer entry in OASIS under "Manufacturers":

In the Connectivity area, select the "GE" entry for "Specialization". Once selected, click on the "Configure Specialization" link the configuration window will show:

Please note that the information is stored separately for each workgroup you have in OASIS. The following is the default GE information for accessing their EDI functions:



Password: PASSWORD

Directory: 198654394GP

All customers must have corresponding account numbers entered into OASIS. 

Your agent number should be entered in the Terms tab of the OASIS Manufacturer Editor for General Electric. If you have multiple agent numbers for different General Electric sales territories, then you will have to setup corresponding workgroups for each territory (common for nearly all OASIS users). Just enter the the General Electric agent number under the corresponding OASIS workgroup name in the "Configure" window (as shown above).

Please contact OASIS support if you have any questions. 

Other GE Brand setup

GE is not currently set up to receive GE Total Lighting Controls orders electronically. GE TLC can be set up as its own manufacturer entry and have GE set as its parent company, but make sure the Merge Brands box is not checked and that the above GE specialization is not done on the GE TLC entry. This allows for GE TLC orders to  be included in reports, but will not allow for an electronic send of GE TLC items. This setup will help prevent order processing issues and delays.