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Calendar Overview
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Calendar Overview

The purpose of the calendar feature in OASIS was to give users the ability to see company activity based on the creation of transactions, events, reminders, bidding jobs, etc in a calendar view. If the user has rights they can view the company wide calendar as well as their personal calendar. The user can print the calendar or an agency can print the workgroup calendar to post. Some groups even display the calendar on a monitor in the office.



Use the blue search bar on the right to set what you want displayed on the Calendar. (Turn on/off by clicking the binoculars in the upper right of the screen.) The default view is 30 day current month (Full Month), and for the logged in user.


Use the black arrows to the left and right of the current month/year (Ex. June 2015) to move forward and backward months, days, weeks.


Blue search bar 

Item Purpose/Function

Full Month – entire calendar including Saturday & Sundays

Work Month – Entire calendar excluding Saturday & Sundays

Full Week – includes Saturday & Sundays

Work Week – excludes Saturday & Sundays

Day – only shows items for the day selected


Shows Events set from the Home Screen

Me Only – current user

Other users may be listed


Shows Reminders set from Home screen or transactions

Other users may be listed


Shows Quotes/Projects based on Bid Date

None – do not show Quotes on the Calendar

Me Only – only current users quotes shown

My Workgroup – show only users Workgroup quotes

Other users may be listed and shown


Shows Orders based on Entry Date

None – do not show Orders on the Calendar

Me Only – only current users orders shown

My Workgroup – show only users Workgroup orders

Other workgroups may be listed and shown

Show RA Dates Shows quotes with Request For Approval dates

To open and view any Event, Reminder, Quote or Order – double-click the item on the calendar.



  • Job Bidding – user quotes a job with a bid date in the next month. User checks “Show on Bid Board”. When the user switched to the next month in the view, the job will be listed on its bid date. The calendar view for the next month will show an entry for this job bidding.
  • Agency wants to print the “workgroup” calendar for each employee or post in the office.
  • There are other uses as well and users have given us feedback for items to include in future releases. We will expand this section as it benefits the majority of our users.

Other Functions

Under File and New, there is the option to create a new Event (explained below), Reminder, Quote and Order.

-          Reminder works the same as Reminders in other areas

-          Quotes and Orders can be started from this screen as well


OASIS can also schedule events/meetings for certain persons or the entire agency. This is done through the Event tool.

In the Calendar, go to File, then New, then New Event.

In the Event window:

  • Title the event (example – Annual Sales Meeting)
  • Select the starting date and time and ending date and time for the event by typing in or using the calendar (shown below)

  • Type any notes associated with the event on the large text area.
  • Next, click the “People” tab.
  • Select the people to who need to attend this event. The event will show on their calendar and they will receive a reminder.
  • Click the calendar button in the Calendar column to view the users calendar 

Next, if needed, click the Resources tab

  • Add any resources such as samples, calendars or other resources needed. See "Creating Resources" below.

NOTE – Attachments are the same as other sections


Next, hit Save and Close


Attendees will be able to view the event on the calendar in the month scheduled. It will also show on the Company wide calendar as well (example below).

Multiple events may be created at any time.


The company calendar can be printed along with any particular day view. Follow the normal File > Print steps.

Creating Resources

Resources might be anything from new samples to discuss, catalogs, conference rooms, tables and chairs, or any other resource to be involved in the meeting.

To create a new resource, go to File, then Resources under the Calendar section.


  • To add a new resource, click the “Add Line" button on the toolbar.
  • Enter the name of the resource
  • Kind – could be a conference room, tables and chairs, etc. These options are configurable You can create your own as needed.
  • Exclusive – is this resource exclusive to this event?
  • Message area – type any resource related messages.


  • To add a “Kind”
  • Go to File, then Configuration in the Calendar section.
  • New resource kinds may be created by adding a line and entering an ID and Name


  • Click OK to save these configuration changes.

NOTE: Editing existing IDs and names will affect all previous instances where those IDs were used. Edit with caution.