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Sales Accounts, Assigning Sales Accounts to Customers and Influence

Early in the development of OASIS, we learned that every group handles credit for jobs differently. So OASIS would need to handle the various ways groups give credit and then pay accordingly. Here are some factors to consider:

- Everything goes to a “house” account, then credit/payment is handled manually
- Individual Salespersons (accounts) are given credit for jobs, then credit/payment is handled manually (could be split w/”house” account)
- Individual Salespersons (accounts) are given credit, but is floating depending on job type.
- Individual sales accounts are given commission credit for jobs, then percentages “behind the scenes” determine what actual pay is. These percentages could be:

  • Percentage of Commission
  • Percentage of Overage
  • Percentage of Markup (Buy/Sell profit)
  • Or any combination of the above

OASIS can handle all the above but work/training maybe be required to determine a process.

Sales Accounts (Admin rights to Configuration required)

In OASIS, sales accounts are simply “who gets credit for a job?”. You will see this Sales Accounts box in Quotes, Orders, and Invoices. Sales credit can be one account at 100% or can be split two or more ways, but must equal 100%.

When a new user is set up, OASIS automatically creates a sales account for the user name. A sales account can be created separately, though.

In the Sales Account section (Configuration > Sales Accounts), your sales accounts will be listed.

NOTE - Only the accounts who are eligible to get credit for a job should be Active. (See below to turn on or off)



Double-click on a sales account to open.



Field Purpose / Usage


Sales account name that will appear in the Sales Accounts box and drop down menus.


Description of the account

Crossover Account

If using an external accounting program, enter the account name from that program


STOP HERE – Leave the following boxes at 0%

Percent of Commission

If using “Payday” reporting, enter the percentage of the total commission this account gets paid

Percent of Overage

If using “Payday” reporting, enter the percentage of the total overage this account gets paid

Percent of Margin

If using “Payday” reporting, enter the percentage of the total margin/profit this account gets paid

Click OK when finished.

Payday Reporting

If using or paying commissioned type sales accounts (Admin Required), enter the percentage of any or combination of any credit the account gets.


- You have a salesperson who is paid on commission.
- Their contract with the company is that they get 18.5% of any commission they get credit for.
- To have OASIS calculate this enter 18.5 in the "Percentage of Commission" text box
- The same would apply to any other Overage or Margin/Profit they may get 


On a job, the salesperson gets credit of 50% of a job totaling $1,950 with 10% commission ($146.25)



So they would get credit for $975 in Sales and $73.13 in Commission.

Once payments are posting in OASIS, then the Commission for Account report would take $73.13 in commission, multiply that times the contract percent (18.5%) and show on the report that they are to be paid $13.52 ($73.13 x 18.5%). See the help document “Paying Commissioned Salespersons” for more help.

Assigning a Salesperson to a Customer

In most offices there are salespersons assigned to cover certain customers. Use the “Assigned To” area below to assign a sales account to a customer.

In the example below, “Demo User” sales account has been assigned to this customer, Reliable Contracting. If using Influence, click the drop down for “Customer Rank” and select the ranking of this customer (percentage of Influence this customer has on a job). Influence is explained further below.


Using Influence to affect Sales Accounts

Once a customer has a sales account assigned to them, then you can rank a customer/specifier. By default there are four rankings set up:

  • A – Best
  • B
  • C
  • D – Worst

To view/change rankings, in the Customers section, go to File, then Configuration. Then click the “Cust. Ranks” tab. Change as needed or add to the list.

Note - These changes are tied to the Influences.

Influence is determined in percentage. The default set up below. You can adjust these ranking as needed but remember, if using these rankings to determine credit for a job, it will effect the percentage credit given.


Once “Assigned To”, “Customer Rank” and “Influence” are set, then you can use this to determine credit given for a job.

Here’s how:

-          When selecting a specifier, notice the “Assigned To” person (Demo User) drops in along with the Influence ranking (in this case Cabot Distributors are an A ranked customer at 70% influence)

-          Notice this also drops DEMO into the Sales Account box at 100%

-          At this point Demo User is receiving 100% credit for this job


However, if another specifier that has a sales account assigned is added, it will affect the Sales Accounts based on the raking of that specifier.

In the example below:

-          A contractor was added (Reliable Contracting) and the assigned salesperson dropped in (Bradley Rhea). Reliable Contracting has an influence of 50%. BRHEA was also added to the Sales Account box and the percentage credit for the job was adjusted automatically based on the ranking (percentage influence).


If an Architect, Engineer, or other specifier also had salespersons assigned, they would also be added and percentages adjusted to equal 100%. Any percentages in the Sales Accounts area can be over-ridden if needed.


These percentages in the Sales Accounts box will be converted to the order, invoice and payment modules. Once a payment is received and posted in OASIS, reports can be run to see what credit is due to each sales account (Commissions for Account).