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Reminders for Shipping Status on a PO


Reminders on the Home Screen are very useful for a “to Do” list reminding yourself or others to follow-up, contact a customer, etc. They can be created from any application in OASIS and copies of the Reminders are stored in the Attachments tab of the application you are in. Reminders to check on the shipping status of an order can be somewhat automated, this can be especially helpful for an order entry/customer service person who is trying to manage several things at once. The reminder can pre-load the subject area and note.

 Here’s how to setup

-          If you are not an “Admin” user in OASIS, have someone who is, go to Configuration.

-          Click Software

-          Then Settings

-          In the Global Settings window, select the “Orders” tab

-          In the Create reminder to check shipping in ____ days………. (enter the numbers of days,  after the order is entered, you want the Reminder to show on the your Home Screen.

-          The Subject and Message area may be changed if need, but by default it will drop the information in the reminder.

-          Click OK


-          Then, when creating an order,

-          Once you have printed (live copy), emailed, faxed or Sent Direct, you will get the Reminder pop-up window asking if you would like a reminder to check shipping status on this PO on the date set (Notify on or After)

-          If you DO NOT want the Reminder, simply click “Cancel”

-          The Description  and Message text box should already be populated with the PO information

-          Add any notes needed, change date, or notify another person using the “Notify” area and Select user.

-          Then click OK.

-          On that date, the Reminder will appear on the person’s Home Screen (Example below)


-          The reminder is for you to check order/ shipping status

-          You can open the Reminder to view, as shown above

-          Or click on the PO number and open the PO.